A day in town – Florence, Italy

After dropping Paolo off at work I shifted over the left hand side of the car and drove his Chevrolet Matiz City Car towards Florence Centre. At least that’s what I thought. Paolo’s only instructions were ‘go straight’, which was far from useful.
It wasn’t so difficult to follow everyone else, but when I’d been driving for 20 mins and seeing signs for Trieste and Fiesole I felt like I was losing any sense of direction. My Italian isn’t great so I just kept driving till I saw something that looked familiar. It didn’t happen, so I turned off the road towards the area I thought had more people in it when I looked down the side road, drove for about 5 minutes, found a space and parked the car. I still had no idea where I was still so no idea how to get back so had to draw my route from the car, along with road names until I found a newsagents!! selling maps. Brilliant. By the luck of Thor I was just 5 minutes from the Old Palace….