Beachcombing – Bulabog Beach Boracay

When you spend the majority of the time in the city there’s something fundamentally refreshing about finding yourself on a beach. But that doesn’t mean that the force of nature takes over your body and flushes the stress out in the reverse of what happens when you go back to a city. Instead it seems to creep into you, slowly, once you have relaxed enough to have let go of some of the stress already. Though I knew this on holiday, I was ill and my body was trying to reject pretty much everything so it was confusing trying to relax.

But after about 10 days there and almost getting into a routine of going for a swim from 5.30 – 6.00pm when the sun set over white beach (see the white beach gallery) it finally clicked. The next morning I woke up with the sun and despite feeling tired I got up to have a walk along the beach. There were more people up and about than I thought, despite it being 6am – as it was near the full moon the tide was all the way out – over a km – and the locals were out fishing in the shallow pools for trapped fish, clams and crabs.