Bulabog Beach & Laketown, Boracay

If you were going to make a beach and bay area from scratch that was ideal for Kitesurfing it wouldn’t be that much different from Bulabog beach. The wide bay, shallow water and relatively calm, warm water is exactly what you want. However, I suppose in an ideal world the wind would be blowing 20-25 knots a day from 8am to 6pm when the sun goes down, but unfortunately I only got that one day out of 11.

So, rather than learning how to jump, which was my intention, I learned another important lesson, patience. Not the one I had intended, but I suppose a far more important one. The reason why there aren’t many kitesurfing shots is because when there was kiting to be had I was out in the water. Also, there didn’t seem to be much point in taking lots of shots of kiters who were just riding – the wind just wasn’t really strong enough for them to be pulling tricks, so I’ll have to wait for next time.

Laketown is the small local town that sits between Bulabog and white beach. It’s a bit of a Shanty town, like most of the local towns in Boracay, but it certainly has a buzz about it, being at the top of D-mall. D-mall is a street of commercial shops that lead you to white beach from the main arterial road that runs east-west across Boracay. In no way did I manage to capture the buzz of the place as I just wasn’t in the mood to be taking photos – I was on holiday and feeling unwell so the two things together meant I spent most of my time asleep, walking about in a daze and eating.

Although I liked Bulabog, I think it’s better to stay on white beach or close and walk to Bulabog to kite. You can leave your kite stuff there in most cases so you only need to drop it off once, something easy when you can catch a tricycle there anyway.

I’d highly recommend Ocean riders kite hire & school – they’ve got the right attitude to kiting – serious but positive. It’s not about being cool it’s about having fun. Kiting’s a dangerous sport and it’s important to know the people teaching you and the equipment is good & safe. Choose wisely if you’re not taking your own gear and stay somewhere nice as you get a lot more for your money in the Philippines and if you’re lucky enough to get wind you’ll want somewhere comfortable to escape to and get a good nights sleep.

Having said that, there are some mad bars on the Island, not least of which is the Jungle Bar, at the East End of Bulabog, where they hold the Full Moon parties. If you go, don’t get there before midnight and don’t have the drink called ‘Fuck you Archie’ as it contains Rohipnol. Something I found out the hard way.