Paolo’s Bday trip to Florence

Paolo’s birthday gave me a great excuse to get away from London for a bit and sample a bit of the Tuscany lifestyle. Not sure whether it made things better or worse. Damn the lifestyle is good out there – the weather was 28-30 degrees but strangely not too hot, mostly due to a fresh breeze. Friday Viks and I went into Florence and explored. Found this crazy┬áCemetery with the most ornate head stones and┬áMausoleum’s I’ve ever seen. A beautiful way to celebrate the afterlife. The rest of the time we were either somewhere Near Piazza Santa Spirito be it day or night. Not sure entirely why. Florence has an odd approach to social life – it’s a lot more discreet than London that’s for sure. To say it’s more sophisticated is an understatement.

For Paolo’s birthday we met up with his friends and work colleagues and went for a few drinks and after a lazy day in the sunshine around the pool the next day, we caught the train back to Pisa to catch the plane.