Resilience Fitness – Detox Diet – The week before

Ok, so it’s a week to go before I start my 5 day detox.

I’m probably not in the best state to be starting this – though when is a good time for a detox? I think the main thing in my mind is to take it easy in the run up to it, which is why I’m starting a week early. As advised in the detox plan, I’m focusing on eating vegetables and leafy greens, fewer refined carbohydrates.

I wasn’t really sure what these were at first, but I suppose once you have read the list, the category is pretty clear for example.

So why detox?

I suppose everybody likes the idea of a clean slate. I do an average amount of exercise – I cycle as much as possible, but I’m a bit of a binge exerciser – I binge for a few months of the year and then stop, which I know isn’t great but it’s what I end up doing. I don’t drink a lot by UK standards, but I do have a few pints most weekends and often find myself at birthday parties or wedding parties where I drink a lot more. I’ve got a triathlon coming up in September and having done a few before, I wanted to take a slightly different approach to it this time by focusing as much on my nutrition as on the exercise.

So, a detox made sense, to try and cleanse the system a bit before I start ramping up the pressure on my body and the throughput of energy through my system.

I’m lucky that I don’t have any serious injuries, but I do suffer from cramp, particularly behind my left shoulder blade and a rather unusual condition called BPPV that affects my balance. I tend to find that exercise reduces the severity of the symptoms of it, but am always aware that anything I do could trigger it off.


So, it’s a Monday, I’m at work and my lunch for today has been a little unusual for me, but not completely unfamiliar.


I’ve bought a head of broccoli and 4 carrots and have munched my way through them raw with some (about 150g) of hummus. I’ve also bought 200g of Pistachio nuts (which I suppose I’ll get through about half). I’ve also bought a few plums and a couple of bananas. At the moment though I’ve only had one.

So far, it hasn’t been too much trouble to prepare and the hummus keeps the veg tasty. I have just eaten until I didn’t feel hungry rather than eating a set amount. At the moment i feel a little lethargic and given my addiction to coca cola, I don’t think it’s going to be long before the craving over takes me.

I’m also trying to drink a lot more water – my body weight x 0.033l which is just over 2.5L a day. I’ve also got some apple, pear and quince juice but I’ve realised it’s only 50% fruit which means it’s probably got a lot of refined sugars in and I won’t be buying it again.


Ok, so I wasn’t really sure what I was going to cook before I started and I ended up having to cook for a friend so I felt I needed to have room to compromise slightly. I went to the supermarket and bought 200g green beans, a big 240g bag of spinach, some more Broccoli, some peas, some runner beans, some baby corn and mange tout and steamed it all. For a bit of flavour I cooked some taco mixed beans (but had intended to buy mixed beans without the sauce). I also had a bit of Oyster sauce on the side to give the vegetables a bit of flavour. I appreciate this is also a compromise, but I think I would like to find a way of making a healthier sauce out of it as it goes really well with steamed vegetables.


Feeling ok today – got about 7 hours sleep, but didn’t feel refreshed – though more than I have on previous days – I think I’ve been recovering from a combination of a huge amount of life change, moving home, moving work etc so I think this is still playing a factor.

Didn’t have any breakfast but had a banana and a couple of plums in the morning when I got to work. I forgot my card to pay for some new food so I had to eat what I had with me for lunch which was:


More pistachios (100g), Some raw Broccoli with some coleslaw and potato salad (as it was left over from the weekend), plus some raw spinach. I’ve then got a banana, a plum and a mix of fruit and nuts to snack on till this evening. I’m intending to get a steamer or something and cook more veg tonight. We’ll see. Energy levels have generally been good though I’m starting to perceive my addiction to coca cola a bit like quitting smoking in that I think about it quite a lot in the afternoon, after lunch. I know there’s one in the fridge so it’s very tempting to go and get it. Not having had one yesterday is already a bit of a triumph. We’ll see how I do. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself this week – I know I’m away on a family holiday this weekend so it’s going to be tricky to keep my diet on track, but we’ll see.


This was a little haphazard. I just moved into a new flat so wasn’t sure where everything was. I put a head of broccoli with some ginger in one saucepan and added 100g spinach at the last minute, drained it and tipped it out onto a plate. In another pan I had half of the second can of taco beans I bought mistakenly yesterday. The combination was good, though I’m aware the beans probably contain a lot of sugar in the sauce.

I’m still not feeling like much has changed in my diet, though I’m finding that I need to pee way more than normal and that when I need to go I have to go. I presume that’s because I’m drinking much more water than normal.


Had a good night’s sleep last night (6.5 hours) but still not enough of it. I’m a firm believer in multiples of 1.5 hours sleep but I know that I’m still behind on my sleep, so should have got 7.5 hours instead. My sleep is still irregular start to finish. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to fix that a bit too.

Today I found my debit card so I bought the Nutri Metagenics UltraClear Plus pH™ for about £50 for the course. Not bad really when you consider that I’d be spending that much money on the food that I’m not eating either in expensive meats, excessive amounts of starch or because I’m eating out.


Today I’ve started with a head of raw broccoli and hummus, plus a couple of medium sized carrots. I’ve also got a couple of bananas and some pistachios again. All washed down with some 100% apple juice. I’m starting to learn where to get the ingredients from so it’s been good to have a preparation week. There’s still a craving for a can of coke in the back of my mind, but the thought of it now seems a little sugary. We’ll see. Energy levels are good as is my concentration levels – if anything I feel a little wired, but still a little sluggish as if from lack of sleep. On we go.