Rich Garner

Hi. Welcome to This site is entirely operated by me, Rich Garner.

The original idea back in 2000 when I started this site was pretty simple: to provide a visual aid to my memory of the events of my life. Since then, photoblogging has become a bit more normal and I’ve got into blogging as well.

It’s great to be able to look back at some of the events that have happened since started and actually remember what happened. More than that, it’s given me the structure to take my photography further and further each year.

My first professional photographs were in 2008 and I now work freelance photography into the mix of taking photos for fun.

I’m hoping someday I’ll find the time to go backwards into the last millenium and catalogue  time before, but for now this is more than enough.

Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment if you like the photos and check back again soon.




There are quite a few elements that combine to make up this site.

Firstly, the site is a WordPress site, using the Eekon Template, bought from

In addition, there are a few plug-ins that I’ve used for free:

> NextGen Gallery
> Lightroom WordPress plugin- Dossier de presse
> W3 cache




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